The Fire Certificate is a system-generated license that is issued through the Mombasa e-services platform. The Fire Certificate is incorporated in the unified Single Business Permit along with the business permit and dimensional signage. The three services have been combined to make it easier and convenient for a business to apply and pay for the named services.

Upon submission of the online SBP application form and payment of the requisite fees, the County Government of Mombasa can review, inspect and approve the submitted applications through the platform. The Fire Department handles the review and assessment of the applications along with the other departments involved in the process.

Upon approval, both the Single Business Permit and the Fire Certificate are generated simultaneously and availed to the businesses electronically for downloading and printing.

All registered businesses, operating from permanent/temporary premises, including small and micro enterprises, must comply with the County Government requirements including: payment of assessed single permit fees, operating from habitable and approved building structures, ensuring public health and safety and operating in such a way that protects and safeguards the environment. All businesses are expected to pay for the Fire fees as part of the Single Business Permit based on the type of operation they have on their premises.


Log into


• Select Sign in
• The e-Citizen login window will open and request you to Sign-In or Sign Up. Use your eCitizen individual/ personal ID or the Business ID to make application.


• Once signed in, on the dashboard click Add Business
• This will create a business profile which you can use for all your future applications.


• Fill in the online form and attach all the required documents, then select Continue.
• Preview your entries and if okay, select Submit.


• Upon successful payment, a Provisional Permit will be automatically generated by the system.


• Download and print the provisional permit. Provisional Permit is an interim permit of the final Single Business Permit.


• After inspection and approval by the County officers, the final SBP and Fire Certificate will be automatically generated by the system.
• Download and print the final SBP permit and Fire Certificate