Frequently Asked Questions

Which account can I use to apply for the permit?

One can use an individual account to make the application or use a business/company eBusiness account to make this application.

Which business number do I use to create an eBusiness account?

To get the registration number to use, log into an individual’s eBusiness account, go to , then click on Business Registration Services Department. Once in this department on the top right click ADD BUSINESS. Enter the business name to obtain details of the business including the registration number to be used to create an eBusiness account.

How do I create an eBusiness account?

Follow this link to create the eBusiness account Create eBusiness Account

This is my first time renewing my permit online which application should I make?

If you have never made a renewal application online and have never been issued with the permit number, apply for a new single business permit.

Am entering my permit number but getting the error permit number does not exist

Call ecitizen via 0709480000 and provide the permit number, this will be updated for you to be able to make the application

When does my permit expire?

All permits expire at the end of the calendar year, ie the 31st Dec of the year of application.

My previous business code is code is missing, what should I do.

Visit Mombasa county offices to have the new codes explained to you before you submit the any application online.

I have made my application and paid for it in the wrong account, what do I do?

Visit Mombasa county offices with a letter from the owner of the account where the application was made requesting for the application to be transferred to the account of choice.

How do I make payment via RTGS.

Select RTGS as the preferred mode of payment, the system will generate details to be used for the transaction, use the details provided to make payment. Payment should reflect within a day, log into your account the following day and complete transaction. PS ensure you use the system generated reference number when making the payment.

Can I pay via mpesa if my bill is above KSh 70,000?

No you CANNOT pay more that KSh 70,000 via mpesa, select another mode of payment from the options provided online.

How do I make cash payment?

Select cash as your preferred mode of payment, the system will generate the payment details to be used plus an instruction slip, print this and go to any KCB Brach to make your cash payment. Log into your account and complete the transaction. Payment will have reflected automatically.

My payment has not reflected what should I do?

Call eCitizen customer care via 0709480000 or send an email to for this to be resolved. In the email attach a copy of the payment confirmation.

How long should the application take to be reviewed?

You application should be reviewed within 3 months. During the months you will be issued with a provisional permit.

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